Thursday, December 29, 2011


Christmas this year was so much fun! Elly understood who Santa Claus was and Adalyn got more excited with every present she opened. We spent Christmas Eve at home and headed to Huntington on Christmas Day. We had a great time and really enjoyed our first Christmas in our house.

The girls opening their pjs.
I think Adalyn was more interested in the tag than the actual pjs.
Modeling their new pjs
Santa actually made it! Adalyn's couch
Elly's couch
Adalyn started screaming when she saw her Aerial baby doll.
Elly can't wait to join the other kids in the neighborhood with her new scooter. (She needs a lot of practice before that thing goes outside)
Trying to decide what to open first.

Elly is never to busy to stop and smile for a pic especially when she just got a new Belle doll.
Adalyn showing me the wrapping paper.
Reading her new book.
Elly can't wait to get out of her pjs and dress up just like Tinkerbell.

Adalyn insisting that the baby doesn't go in there.

Elly and her fun barbie dolls.
Adalyn had to sit with her daddy to open up the rest of her presents.

I am not really sure what kind of a face she is making.... but I think she was in the middle of a sneeze.

All dressed up in there Christmas clothes.


Jami and Rob said...

So fun that you got to stay home for Christmas - no packing gifts and traveling through the snow. Your girls are so big and so darling! Elly's hair is so long! We don't see you guys enough. Happy New Year!

Brandon and Annie said...

cute! Looks like a super fun Christmas