Thursday, October 13, 2011

Jason's Bday

So I have pretty much sucked at blogging lately. It was just a little too hard with one hand and it seemed to take me FOREVER! Now that I have most of the use in my right arm back, typing is much easier. So Jason's birthday was September 7th and we had fun decorating (or attempting to with one arm). Elly thought the balloons and streamers were the coolest thing ever. Here are a few pictures of our fun party :)

My pathetic attempt at decorating :)

The girls really enjoyed you can tell.
Don't mind Adalyn's hair. She is at the stage of pulling it out any time she can. She is so full of it.

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Jami and Rob said...

Happy Birthday Jason!! The decorations are great, by the way. I love your family picture and your baby girls are just so cute! Let's get together soon and play.