Sunday, August 14, 2011

Adalyn's birthday and the crazy weekend that went along with it.

Well....what a weekend! It started off with me getting in a car accident. A girl decided to flip an illegal u turn and didn't check her blind spot. She hit us and I am now left with a broken right arm. The girls were with me but were just fine. Elly got a few bruises and scratches from where the carseat straps were holding her. Adalyn was good. That was definitely a rough day. Well our car was totaled and I had surgery to have a metal plate and pins put in my arm. I am now on the road to recovery and I hope it goes fast cause I am going crazy not having both arms. Here is a pic of our car and then a pic of our new car! I love our new SUV!!! I got off of perkaset so I could drive it. I am a huge fan of the car!

The rest of the weekend didn't slow down much. I got in the accident on Friday and Adalyn's birthday was on Sunday (August 7th). We had family come and had a little party for her. She really enjoyed herself and we had a lot of fun. Here are pics of the weekend.

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Jami and Rob said...

Kristy, what the heck! I'm sorry, that's got to be a pain in the neck (or arm in this case) having two little ones with just one arm. You're a trooper! Love the new car. Hang in there!