Wednesday, March 28, 2012

A Much Needed Update

It has been so long since I posted anything. I didn't realize how long it had been until I noticed the date of my last post. I figured since I am hanging out by myself (Jason is in the middle of more crazy stuff at work once again, which I thought we were done with busy season garbage...but we aren't) that I should update this with some pictures of the girls from the last few months. Elly is Elly and loves being bossy and taking care of Adalyn (which Adalyn is very sick of by the way) and just trying to be the big helper all of the time. She is so funny and I can't believe some of the things that come out of her mouth. She is PUMPED about going to school and says everyday "Mom I am ready to go to school otay." She is such a busy body and really enjoys the boys in her Sunbeams class. She even seems to have picked out a few "boyfriends".

Miss Adalyn is so full of it! She copies everything I say and is really getting pretty good at talking. She loves to go side (outside) and is obsessed with the park. I literally have to carry her home kicking and screaming because she is just not ready to go. She is the most sensitive little thing ever. She HATES Yo Gabba Gabba (but really who could blame her) and says they are scary and cries. She gets scared over most scary parts on any show and runs and buries her face in my lap. I don't know quite how to take it because is Elly is so not like that. They are so different! Elly is in the 3rd percentile for height and weight and Adalyn is in the 90th percentile for height and weight. They are so fun!

Here are some fun pics of the girls :) (The pics are really out of order and I am too lazy to fix them)

Elly was exhausted and just couldn't hold her eyes open anymore. Right before she crashed she said "Mom I am just so tired" and then she was out.
Elly modeling her new dress (she loves loves loves dresses)
Adalyn at the park...she has mastered the slide!
Going down the slide
Elly was worried about the dog that was running around. She was having a hard time trying to decide whether she should go down or not.
Adalyn enjoying herself....maybe a little too much hahaStill trying to decide.
She finally went down...but still watching the dog.
Adalyn hanging out with Aunt Ashley.
Adalyn taking a nap in the babies bed. Yeah she broke it.
Elly not loving the four wheeler. I thought she would like it once she got on but she hated it even more.
Going up the stares.
Adalyn now runs to Elly when she gets in trouble and Elly comforts her and gives her a big hug. I laughed so hard the first time Adalyn ran to Elly.
(Don't mind the crazy hair) Adalyn helping me with dinner. She loves standing up to the counter.
Little Miss Snow White waiting for her prince to come (aka her daddy)
Adalyn crashed hard.
Enjoying some good old Toy Story on my bed....that is her favorite movie.
My 2 little divas.
She loves cupcakes!
Watching tv.

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Jami and Rob said...

Oh your babies are getting so big and they're so adorable! It really is amazing how different they come isn't it? And so fun to see how much fun they have and how much they love each other (aside from the other times when they're fighting). We need to get together!