Tuesday, September 29, 2009

The Zoo!

So last Friday, Elly and I went to the Zoo with my mom's sister and her family. Elly had so much fun! She was so interested in the animals and the sounds they made. I have NEVER seen her sit so still in my life. Here are some fun pictures of our day :)
Elly playing at the park on the giant spider. I think she was a little afraid of it because I could not get her to stay on it.
She loved the caterpillar. She kept trying to lick it's antennas. Elly playing inside of a turtle shell. She kept putting wood chips inside and then throwing them off. She had a good time.

Elly and I on the train. She won't sit still for anything to take a picture. I miss the days when she would just smile, but now there are too many things to look at.

I had to take some pictures of her face when she was looking at the animals. She was so interested in everything. This was when we were in the monkey house. She kept saying what the monkeys say. It was so cute.

Still looking at the monkeys.

Trying to pose for a picture in front of the elephant, but Elly nor the elephant would cooperate.

Looking at the mommy and baby elephant.

Look how cute the baby elephant is! She was born in August and so everything is still pretty new to her. In this picture, she was exploring and got stuck on the cement wall. She was so fun to watch and probably my favorite part of the zoo.

The mommy elephant and the baby elephant. The baby was hiding underneath her mommy and the mommy was throwing mud all over her. It was adorable!

Elly totally into this animal (sorry I can't remember what animal we were looking at).

The carousel and Elly wanted to get back on it.

Still wanting to get back on.

The gorilla on the carousel.

Begging me to let her have another ride on the carousel.

Just a quick picture.

The baby giraffe. He just kind of sat there, but he was still really cute.

The baby snow cub chasing her mom.

The baby tigers sleeping with their mom.

Elly got a baby elephant and she kept saying "Oh baby! Oh baby!" She loves all babies. It's funny.
At the end of the day, she was TIRED! She finally went to sleep and crashed hard (as you can tell by looking at her mouth hanging wide open.) We had a great day and I can't wait to take her back!


Daniel, Stephanie, & Chloe said...

Cute pics...how come you are always doing fun things, eh? :)

Andersen Family said...

How fun, but I am sad to see that Ellie doesn't look like a baby anymore, she is growing up too fast. ;(

Scottie and Tasha said...

I'm so jealous- I haven't seen the baby animals yet!!! Next time you go call me and we can meet up!

The Razz Fam said...

I found your blog! Send me your email and I will add you to ours!


Ben and Tracy said...

Hey, how darling is little Elle Bug. I need you to e.mail me your address for my shower. Let me know:)