Monday, September 14, 2009

Playing at the Park and a few other things

Here are some fun pictures of Elly playing at the park. We live really close to Murray Park so it is fun to go and hang out (especially when we need to get out of the house).

She loves the swings and she laughs so hard when she gets really close to me.

She is so focused when she plays. She has such a one track mind.
She was trying to sneak past me, but not such a great idea because of the drop off. She was not happy with me when I made her go the other way.

Still trying to get past me.
She really likes the slide.

Showing me a wood chip.

Elly LOVES books. She will just sit somewhere and flip though her books forever. She can now pick out a dog and she knows exactly what the doggy says.
Always ready to pose for a picture.

Elly playing on this really cool little thing (I have no idea what's it called). I think she was a little scared at first because she would just start spinning as soon as I put her in it. I really liked it...but I am not so sure she did. :)

She was just obsessed with picking up the little wood chips. I even found some in her diaper...that's pretty gross I know, but what do you do?

I think this is her favorite place to sit. She loves to sit in the weirdest places.

She REALLY enjoyed dinner that night (except for the green beans apparently)

So Elly is OBSESSED with this bear. She carries it around everywhere. Jason will always tell her to go and find it and she always gets it. It's so cute and I love this smile. It is so cheesy and her hair is totally out of control.


Daniel, Stephanie, & Chloe said...

She looks so cute!!! We need to go to the park together... :)

Andersen Family said...

Those are such cute pics, I cannot get over how grown up she looks! Where does the time go?

BTW we are having our blog go private so let me know your email so that I can add you to the list!