Saturday, November 7, 2009


So this year for Halloween, we went to Huntington to go trick-or-treating. We had fun and we really enjoyed seeing the nieces and nephews in their costumes.
Elly and Parker playing in the Halloween bucket.
Still playing in the bucket :)

Jason and Elly smiling for a quick picture. Elly was a lady bug and Jason was a rocker with a mullet. He looked pretty dang good (and funny all at the same time).

Elly and I trying to take a pic but she wouldn't look at the camera.

Trying to run away from the camera.

She had the hardest time standing up in this costume. It was pretty freakin hilarious.

Elly and the cousins. It was impossible to get them all to take a good picture.

Getting ready to trunk-or-treat.

Jason and Elly just before we went out.

Jason and his dad were rockers and everyone thought they were girls, but no...they were just trying to be rockers.
Elly and her cousins.

Jason getting ready to rock!


Stephanie said...

She is a cute ladybug!! It was so good to see you the other day! Glad you are doing well!

Sarah said...

Hi Kristi! I just wanted to say hi & see how home life is treating you! Sure do miss seeing you at school. I hope all is well.