Tuesday, June 30, 2009

The Time is Coming Fast!

So it's official! We are moving to Holladay! I have to say that I am kind of excited to move! I think that I am ready for a new adventure and ready to start brand new (including being home all the time). I am sad to leave Provo because I have made SO many friends through our ward and school. I think it will be exiting (but scary) but I am ready for the challenge. I just can't believe that another chapter in our lives is about to close and another one is about to begin. I have loved having Jason home all the time and Elly and I are really going to have a hard time when he has to start working. That is going to be here before I know it. He starts August 5th and I am afraid he is going to be very busy. I guess I will just have to get over it :) Anyways here are some fun pictures from the last few weeks.

So Jason, Elly, and I were driving back from Salt Lake last week and we got stuck in a horrible rain storm. As we got closer to the point of the mountain, this beautiful rainbow appeared. I have never seen one this bright before! We tried to get a good picture, but this was as good as it got.

In our front room, we have basket that we put all of Elly's toys in. I guess you could say that it is kind of deep. Elly is always bound and determined (surprise surprise) to get the stinkin toys out of the bottom of the basket. She is just a little too short to reach to the bottom. She has fallen in more than once head first (you will see in that in pictures to come). In these two pictures, she fell in head first but managed to turn herself the correct way. I know that I shouldn't laugh, but I really can't help it because it is so FREAKIN funny! She is quite the little girl and I think that I definitely have met my match with her. HELP! :)

Elly in head first :)


The Cranney Family said...

Wow, Elly is too cute. It sounds like you are doing well. I loved the rainbow pics. We got some pics of that same rainbow, or should I say those rainbows. It really was amazing. We were out in Herriman driving underneath them. Crazy. We could actually see the end of them. That doesn't happen too often. No pots of gold though. :)

Andersen Family said...

Um, I think Holladay is too far away!! Courtney still thinks she can find you in the school hallways!! How exciting. I am glad you found a home and are moving on!! And you are home!! You are going to love it!

liamlovers said...

She is so funny! I love the pics of Camping and your family pics are so so cute too!