Thursday, July 9, 2009

Fourth of July Weekend

For the Fourth of July, we first started off by going to the parade in Provo. We really enjoyed the parade and we were in the shade the whole time so it was REALLY good. After the parade, we went to Lehi to have a BBQ with some friends. Then went to the fireworks in Provo at Fox Field. Elly loved hanging out and really enjoyed seeing the fireworks. I think that was the most quiet I had heard her all day :). Here are a few pictures of us hanging out waiting for the fireworks to start.
On Sunday, we got up and got ready to head up on the mountain. We ended up going to Boulder Mountain (which is clear in the heck up there) and we were basically in the middle of nowhere, but we loved it! We had a great time hanging out with family and enjoying a break (I guess you could call it a break with Elly trying to get down and go crazy).

We decided to take the stroller because we knew that we would be doing a lot of fishing and walking to different lakes. We were walking down to the lake but the road was pretty rocky so Alyssa and Kaitlin decided this would be the best way to carry Elly. She like it :) She thought she was the princess (which she is)
Jason getting ready to cast his pole. He is such a goof ball.

Alyssa and Elly hanging out by the side of the lake. Elly just had to sit and stare at Alyssa. this was probably the funniest part of the trip. So Jason and Jenny (they are in the picture) decided they wanted to take someone elses canoe and go out into the middle of the lake and fish. Well, Jason made it in the canoe safely but as Jenny went to get in, she took her leg off of the log and went to put her other leg in the canoe and the canoe started to to move away from the log. She was doing the splits in between the log and the canoe. We laughed so hard! I felt bad but all I could do was laugh. *By the way she did not fall in. Jason helped her*
Elly's first ride on the 4 wheeler. She LOVED it. As soon as she got on, she went right to sleep. It was fun, but very difficult for me to hold on and keep her on at the same time.

Elly with her helmet on.

Jason and Elly eating lunch.

Elly eating a piece of licorice. She kept cramming it down her throat so we had to eventually take it away from her. She was pretty ticked.
Elly trying to take her helmet off.

Jason trying to get his bubble out of the water. He caught a big fish but it broke his line and he lost everything except his bubble. Poor J!

Jason fishing.

Jason still fishing.
Elly hanging out at the lake.

The awesome view of the lake.
Well, we had a great time this past weekend! It's always too bad when is has to end.

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Andersen Family said...

Wow, looks like a lot of fun!! The girls wanted to wish Ellie a happy birthday today!!! She is one!! AHHHH where does the time go?