Sunday, March 22, 2009

One More Month Gone

I can't believe how quickly each month has gone by. Elly has learned so many new tricks with many more to come. She pulls her self up to anything and everything. She patty cakes and claps for herself (that is one that I have not been able to get a pic of yet because it has to be on her time), and she follows me around the house and cries when I leave the room. She has become so attached. I also can't believe how quickly she is growing. She is 8 months and before I know it, she will be a year old. I pulled this toy out the other day and the next thing I knew she was standing up to it. I was a little scared because it is not very sturdy. She was so excited to be standing there.

I have a feeling it won't be very long before she starts walking.

My grandma calls Elly her "little ray of sunshine" when she wears this outfit. I thought it was a cute way to describe her.

Elly will do anything to get her daddy's attention. She loves to stand up to him and try to get him to stop working on his homework. She usually does. She definitely has him figured out :)

I had parent teacher conferences and I was working on putting things together. It was more than Elly could handle because she kept climbing up and trying to rip all of the papers out of my binder. I think getting everything done took me twice as long. *Notice her binky is upside down. This absolutely kills me. It doesn't even phase her that it's upside down*

Elly trying to attack the camera.

Elly was playing with her doll. She likes to pull their hair and throw them around a little bit. I have been trying to get her to love the baby but I have not had very much success.

Still playing with her doll.

This was a day where I stayed home from school and she was in the BEST mood (so was I haha). She thought playing in her crib was pretty fun.

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Christy Hair said...

She is SO cute! I love her smile! :)