Thursday, February 26, 2009

The Month of February has been a while since I updated this. It has been such a crazy month and so much has happened. Elly has learned how to crawl and is now into EVERYTHING! I always thought that we wouldn't have to baby proof that much but boy was I wrong. Here are some of the fun things that she learned how to do.

Taken a nap with daddy.

Elly pulled herself up to the couch and then freaked out because she couldn't get down. I was trying to get ready for school and then I heard her cry. I went into the front room and this was how I found her.
After a long day of playing, she really can sit still and relax. Thank goodness for small favors.

Her super model pose!
Elly is obsessed, and I mean obsessed with the diaper bag. She also loves bags in general. She truly is my daughter :)

More of her playing in the diaper bag.

Elly hanging out in the stroller.

More in the stroller.

Elly and daddy!


Andersen Family said...

She has changed so much!! I love this stage she is in, they are interested in everything and I love to watch as their minds grasp the world around them.

liamlovers said...

YOu guys are such a cute family! Hope all is well and hope to hear from you soon!