Thursday, September 9, 2010

What we have been up to....

So, I typed up some stuff at the bottom but I can't figure out how to get it to the top, so enjoy the pictures first and then you can read the rest :)

I seriously love when this happens! It doesn't happen very often so I am REALLY excited :)

So it seems like Adalyn has always been part of our family and she has only been with us for 5 weeks. She is so completely opposite of Elly. She is much more even tempered (unless she is ready to eat and then we are in trouble) than Elly. Adalyn has been sleeping through the night since we brought her home and she only wakes up once maybe twice to eat. Elly never let us do that. We had to sit up and rock her and she never let us put her down. Elly is adjusting really well to having Adalyn at home. She loves "her baby" and always wants her around.
We did have a little scare when Adalyn was just about two weeks old. She wouldn't eat and kept moaning and groaning and I had no clue why. I kept feeling like I needed to take her to the doctor and boy was I glad that I did. When I got to the doctor, he took her temperature and asked me where my husband was. I told him in Salt Lake at work (I was in Provo because I just love this pediatrician I just can't stand to take my girls away so we commute there). He looked at me and told me he was going to have to admit her to the hospital. Well, I was an emotional wreck that day (I think I cried just about the whole day and I really don't know why, just post pregnancy and hormones going crazy) and I just started crying like crazy. He said he was going to have to run a whole bunch of tests on her and find out what was wrong. When we got to the hospital, they did so many freakin tests that I thought I was going to scream and finally the next morning some of the tests came back and she had viral meningitis (I am not quite sure how to spell it). She spent two days in the hospital and we finally were able to bring her home. We are still not sure how she got it because I am one of the most freakish people about washing your hands and not taking my babies out for a while after they are born. Her doctor said that it is out about his time of the year and that adults carry it not knowing they have it. The symptoms for an adult are just a really bad headache and sore neck. When we brought her home, we couldn't let Elly touch her in case she passed it on to her. It was a rough couple of weeks, but we made it through! Anyways, we are all doing well and Adalyn has seemed to make a full recovery.


Leamaster Family said...

I am glad Adalyn is ok, she is do dang cute! We miss you guys!

Christy Hair said...

okay!! So I'm totally looking at your blog and I'm super excited to do pictures for you!!! Your baby is a doll, and I hope Elly is as easy to make smile as last time! SUPER STOKED!!

Luke and Mary said...

oh my goodness... scary! Glad she's doing better and REALLY jealous that she sleeps through the night. Adelia was almost 9 months old before that happened. Lucky you! :D
Your baby is beautiful and Elly is as cute as ever!