Thursday, July 15, 2010

Elly's 2nd Birthday and a few other random pics!

So we celebrated Elly's birthday on the 10th and boy what a difference a year makes. She was so much more excited to open presents and to actually play with them. These first few pictures are just a few random ones, and then there are pics from her party.

We got Elly a bed for her birthday. She likes it, but I don't know if she really loves it yet. This picture was before she went to sleep and the next picture was when she was finally asleep. It's alot harder to keep her in a bed now. We lost all of our freedom that night. That was kind of sad :(

Elly relaxing in the baby seat. We had to hide this because she thinks it is hers.

We went camping over the 4th and Elly and her cousin decided that it would be fun to get into a dirt fight. They were both FILTHY! I can't even count how many times I had to clean her off. She was this dirty the whole trip.
Elly patiently waiting to open her presents and eat cake and ice cream.

Still waiting.....

Putting tape on her face while we were getting everything ready.

Opening her first present.

She REALLY loves jewelry and anything pretty. This was her face when she opened up her bracelets and they haven't left her sight since then.

All dressed up in her new outfit.

Sitting at her table reading her book.
As for baby news, we will most likely end up having her in three weeks. I am really excited because he is taking me two weeks early because of my diabetes and because she is so massive. I am very ready to be done!

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Christy Hair said...

I love these!! She is such a doll, and I love how you did her hair for her party :) SO cute!!