Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Just a few pics!

It seems like I just posted, but it has acutally been a really really long time! Wow! The months just seem to fly by. These are just a few pictures of Elly from the last month or so. She is getting such a little attitude and starting into the terrible two stage. It makes life so much fun :) She keeps us going all time and knows EXACTLY what she wants. It's fun and I think it's only going to get worse when the new baby gets here. I guess I am ready :)
Elly loves her mac and cheese! She gets it everywhere!

She has been super attached to her blanket lately (she has three that she just loves). I always find her wrapped up in it with her clothes off and laying on our bed. She loves to be naked and takes her pants off every chance she can get. That pretty much sucks because I am getting a little sick of putting her pants back on all of the time. Oh well :)

She loves trains, but she really really didn't like the train that day. It took a lot to keep her on it. My sister Kaitlin had to jump on there with her (but I think Kaitlin was kind of excited to play on it haha).
I finally broke down and got her some sun glasses because she thought she had to wear mine all of the time (especially when her daddy gave them to her once and she never forgot it). She thinks she is pretty cool with them.

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Luke and Mary said...

what a little cutie! i miss ya!