Monday, December 8, 2008

So, I am definately new to this and I think that I will get better as time goes on how to run this thing. I also think I will get better at updating this when I am done teaching 2nd grade. Don't get me wrong, I love teaching and I love the kids in my class, but it has been really hard to be a mom and teach full time. I will be done in May because Jason will FINALLY be done with school. All I have to say is that I will be CELEBRATING when I get to stay home. It has been really hard leaving Elly everyday and taking her to different places. I feel like I am missing all the little things she learns how to do everyday. I am always glad to come home and get her. I am especially excited when she starts smiling at me. I know that she knows who I am. I do have to say that is the highlight of my life.

Ok...enough about that...I can't believe Christmas is right around the corner and Elly is 5 months old. It takes so long for babies to get here and then they grow up so quick. I am excited for the Christmas break first of all for a break from my kids at school and second some much needed rest and relaxation. It will be a good break.


Leamaster Family said...

She is adorable. I can't believe how much they change. We can't wait to see her on Christmas

Daniel, Stephanie, & Chloe said...

Kristy - So glad that you have a blog to look at your pictures. Elly is adorable! I can't wait for you to be done teaching either! :) Maybe we'll see each other at Christmas? :)

Luke, Mary, and Tianna said...

Kristy your baby is SOOOO adorable! I knew you had her and I should have called. :S I'm sorry!!! But congratulations and I'm glad you will be able to stay home with her soon. I'm so happy for you

PS- happy late birthday!
I'm going private after Christmas... so give me your email address! :)

Adam & Dinae Pitcher said...

Kristy, I miss you. It's been forever! Elly is so cute. I bet your family LOVES her. I'm glad you found us and I hope we can keep in touch(easier said than done) or at the very least blog. It's nice to hear from you.